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Acu Light Wellness - Legacy Astrology - Legacy Effect

Pain & Movement


While driving home from my Acu Light session with Omarian, I felt, well, raw God energy. I have no other words for it. It was unexpected as it took me by surprise. While falling asleep that night, I experienced many lucid flashes, pictures, and scenarios. I also experienced a very grounded physical vitality from the session that seemed to access a very powerful place within me. Susan U. WA Neck and Shoulder Pain "I have had painful chronic muscle spasms in my shoulders and left the side of my Neck for over seven years. Doctors did not know how to stop it and put me on muscle relaxers and painkillers that only slightly affected the pain, which would last for only two hours. Then I met Omarian Atman. My wife and I said what the heck no one has been able to help so why not this Man a try. Well, let's just say that Acu Light Wellness is the best decision I made in years. After just three sessions I don’t take meds anymore. It has helped me, and I know it will help you too."


--Joseph C. Navy Seal









Quit Smoking



"I don't know what to say. I had a nicotine addiction for over 20 years and began to see it as just part of my life. So when it was mentioned to me that working with Omarion's techniques would rid me of the craving, I was skeptical. I mean, c'mon, it had been over 20 years. This was a deeply ingrained habit that surely just placing a light wand in a few spots was not going to take care of. However, I agreed and prepared for the worst. I heard about the anxiety that would come, the irritable moods, and the craving is almost insurmountable; and, of course, the dreaded weight gain. But within only a couple of sessions, I began to lose the craving that I had had for over 20 years. It's almost weird. It just went away – no drama, no anxiety, and no discomfort. The craving just left. Not to mention other areas of my life started to take off. Now I'm on my way to kicking my nicotine habit and living a fuller, more satisfying life. Thanks, Omarian. You are AMAZING!"


-- Kurt E. Marina Del Rey, CA Personal Trainer












“I have been an avid runner for over ten years. Every day it’s three miles towards the sunrise. I booked a session with Omarian to try Acu Light and to see what it could do for kinks I started to feel in my knees over the last few months. After one session the kinks in my knees were gone and had never come back, and when I run now, I average six miles a day and feel less tired than when I was just running three miles a day. I must admit, contrary to my belief during the session he did tell me that increased endurance and reduced post-performance fatigue would be a side effect. Thank you Omarian! Let’s run sometime.


-- Nancy Y. Beverly Hills CA









Weight Loss


"Just wanted to share my experience. I recently began weekly Acu Light appointments. After the first few sessions with Omarian, I began to notice something: I was losing weight! This was amazing to me because it was not something I was "working on," and in fact, I was not even aware that weight loss was something I could ask about. Of course, I am happy with it. There are obviously beneficial results to this work other than what I consciously intended." M. Hopps "Acu Light changed my life. Thank you Omarian!"


-- Tabitha J.














"Both sides of my body were tingling, and my lips were wanting to smile on their own like they were lifting.  I felt lightness over my face and body.  The tension was released and visually I could see little shots of purple light with orange flecks.  It was very relaxing.  My whole body now feels very much in sync.  But most of all, my face feels very light, and my cheeks feel like they're going up naturally, almost forcing me to smile, and they feel very tight and toned."  


-- K. Towry Thousand Oaks,

CA Licensed Esthetician,

CMT and Business Owner











Stress Release


"I've recently benefited from the powerful effects of Acu Light, and wow...I've been through many years of healings with some of the finest in the world among diverse groupings of modalities. The technology and Omarian's aproach was one of the most profound healings with immediate response from my system I have ever experienced. He's a true gift, Omarian is..."


-- J. Coburn

















"I met Omarian 6 years ago and was a bit skeptical at first of Acu Light until experiencing it directly. Wow, could feel its benefits right away and have had several sessions over the years when certain injuries or issues needed treatment. Anyone who is afraid of needles this is a great way to access the meridians to unblock or stimulate chi. Big hug to you Omarian."


-- M. Hufschmidt Percussionist.



Drummer on Stage
Stressed Woman
Woman & Doctor
Leg Stretch
Silhouette of Scuba Divers

Legacy Astrology

"I have been using secret astrology services for many years as a tool to better navigate my own life. To unravel hidden obstacles and find the solutions to them, as well as increase my good fortune. In India, the Supreme court acknowledges astrology as a super science, and that is exactly my experience with it, astrology is a science by which you can fast-track your success, and correct any troubles in your life. A few weeks ago I met an astrologer with a very special gift. He has developed his own very powerful and unique craft known as Legacy astrology. It is incredibly accurate in showing a person the inner psychological workings of their mind, and what they need to do to manifest their goals in life. I was very impressed and look forward to sharing this with many people."


--Saj P. London UK





Omarian, Hello! You were SPOT ON in your predictions. I think I met you in 2006 (?) and I was just thinking about you the other day too. Your location reading predicted that if o moved from California to New York it would bring me a sense of home, stability, finding true love and making a family of my own. And guess what? It did exactly that! I am great and love NYC and have never been happier!!


D. Ellar





Omarian read my chart and told me that my fertility line went right through Madrid and that If I ever go there, I could get pregnant. I flew from Madrid to NYC on 11/6 and had my period in the am in Madrid (sorry if this is too much info, but it's pertinent to the story..) Supposedly you can't get pregnant until 7-10 days AFTER your period. BUT, I landed in NYC on 11/6 in the PM, with no more period AND THEN I BECAME IMPREGNATED THAT NIGHT!!!! YOU CALLED IT!!!!  I am 3 and 1/2 months pregnant and living in NYC with my sweet finance.....You also called that NY would be a sense of home family and security for me.  I just put this all together today. I AM IN AWE OF YOU!!!


Deirdre W. 






Greetings and good day! My name is Crystal, and I first met Omarian Atman while I was attending a healing retreat in Las Vegas, NV in April of 2014. When my eyes first gazed upon Omarian, he literally looked like a mythical God in human form which was unlike anything I had ever seen with my physical eyes. As a Seeress, I could immediately see what a gentle soul he truly is, and I could literally see the entire cosmos completely surrounding him. Omarian’s Legacy Astrology Readings are quite different than any I have ever had before as Omarian actually provides you with insight into your own insight as to how the planets vibrational characteristics affect you personally. Most astrologers’ readings and interpretations leave you with the perception that the powerful influences of the planets are within you of you, rather than outside of you. Omarian is very unique and has an exquisite talent and gift of providing you with impeccable insight into how to work with these planets and their influences rather than resist to them. My reading and experience with Omarian was absolutely a life-changing experience! His absolute accuracy into the role that each individual plays in the cosmic dance in the spiral of life was a breath of fresh air for me to hear, and I know it will be particularly helpful for those who are experiencing any kind of crossroads on their journey here on earth. I cannot emphasize enough about Omarian’s truly unique gift, as most of the time when astrologers tell you “this planet is squaring this planet” it becomes misinterpreted to the individual who may think that it indicates the planet is “punishing” them or is against them. Most astrologers focus on the negative aspects of the planets and the houses and how they affect the person. Omarian, on the other hand, provides the individual with the positive aspects of the planets as well which creates absolute balance. The biggest thing I took away from this is that Omarian teaches that the DNA of the planets are already sewn into your DNA, and he provides you with instructions as for how to use that to your advantage for your higher purpose and for the greater good of all. I would highly encourage anyone interested in a session with Omarian to make the investment in yourself and to get scheduled as there are lots of different reading packages to choose from. Omarian’s readings are instrumental in helping one to reach their highest vibrational, universal, God/Goddess seed potential. No sooner had I had my reading did everything become in complete and absolute alignment with what I was told during the session. In fact, his teachings and messages are still integrating. This is profound for me to say, because I hardly ever step out of my own counsel as I am a very disciplined light ambassador and commander, however as soon as I met Omarian, I knew I had to have a session with him. I cannot even begin to express with my whole heart the eternal gratefulness I have for Omarian for his dedication to mastering the cosmic language and being able to have the gift and the talents to put it in very digestible language for those of us having a human experience at this time. Thank you again Beloved Omarian for the incredible session I shared with you as your words, inspiration, and teachings are still resonating and integrating into my life as we speak. You are truly a cosmic transmitting beacon of light!


Many Blessings of Healing Light! Namaste!


Love Crystal A

Durango Colorado 




Just had a Legacy Astrology Reading with Omarian Atman. OMG. Not only does he know all the nuances of my chart, he weaves them into a story that awakens ah-ha after ah-ha! We danced between personal and professional and SO much of what’s been going on made sense, freeing me of a litany of self judgment that I had abused myself with… now I feel cleansed, confirmed and quite peaceful with what IS, no resistance, only understanding on a deep knowing level about: 


1. Who I am 2. Why things are unfolding the way, they are 3. How to best navigate my current circumstances 4. How to soar and welcome what’s unfolding. Omarian’s description of ME at my core tipped me into a new dimension of permission to shine, soar and call it like it is! I feel more potent and also calmer. Like a puzzle piece just clicked in. Enjoy your session with him. Let us know how it transforms your life. I’ll keep sharing how it transforms mine. 




Allana P


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Smiling Young Woman

Legacy Effect™

"When I put my name on something it is good. I don't usually recommend people who are in my industry, but Omarian is very compassionate and never says no. When you need his help he is totally dedicated and passionate about his work. Trust me it works. I was a little skeptical, but it helped me a lot.  Omarian knows what he is doing, and I was in the U.K. and Omarian was in the U.S.A at the time. My sister has met him in Los Angeles, and she tells me that there is something special about this man." Love and light, light, light.


~J. Lane UK

"Hi and hello from Washington DC. I wanted to make sure that my results with my health lasted, so I waited for two months before writing this. On my journey to health, I finally found the right noninvasive modality for my health needs - the Legacy Effect. This was an approach unknown to me until that fateful day I was referred to Omarian Atman. His transmissions over the phone were able to help my body like lightning from things that I have been struggling with for years. In one Legacy Transmission, 90% of my health problems vanished; the remaining 10% are simple lifestyle changes that will enhance my full recovery. The Legacy Transmission was the most precise and powerful energy session I have ever experienced in my life! It removed the cause of my health problems, repaired and healed deep chronic health issues resulting in me feeling more energy without coffee during the day, more focused thoughts, more focus to details, and my level of happiness is through the roof now. I strongly recommend and endorse Omarian Atman's Legacy Effect Transmissions for all generations.  My recommendation is - Give it a try, and your health will be transformed for the better."

--Samantha D. Washington D.C.

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