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Omarian Atman Acu Light Wellness™ Legacy Astrology™  Legacy Effect™ Maverick
fleur de lis flower of light flower of life Goddess of all.

"In the same way high velocity breaks the sound barrier, highly developed focus breaks the doubt barrier."

~Omarian Atman

"In the same way high velocity

breaks the sound barrier, highly

developed focus breaks

the doubt barrier."

~Omarian Atman

Leader Bio



Atman was born in Providence, RI. His mother is a surgeon educated at Harvard, and his father is an artist and musician who attended the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. As a child, he consciously decided to take after both his parent's skills and merged them with his own unique gifts. and became a painter graphic artist, and like his mother, who always had a desire and aptitude to help people with a keen and sharp interest in the healing arts. Both their artistic and medical backgrounds helped build the foundation for Omarian in honing a desire to unlock the secret knowledge and science of Light and color therapy.  After poring through a wealth of information, he realized the profound implications color and light have on our health and felt the necessity of finding a system that uses them to help people reach their health goals.  After five and a half years of intensive research, Omarian discovered the works of Peter Mandel and Fritz Albert Popp to be cutting-edge in the field of color and light science for health.


Which eventually led him to ancient connections within one of the earth's oldest sciences... Astrology. With it he was able to re-examine and correct many misinterpretations and dissolve the many dogmas that lay in the many viewpoints that lay within Astrology through the ages. Dr. Atman uses it as a powerful tool to bring immense clarity to aid people in overcoming the many behavioral habits that keep us all from undesirable outcomes. 


The accumulation of applied knowledge gained both in this world from his studies and the neurological effects of applying both skills on himself for over two decades began to increase his overall sense and awareness of some of the many (hidden from most) fields of energies within and around people that many scientists today are beginning to uncover and measure, hence, which led Omarian to the creation of The Legacy Effect. A revolutionary way to correct health imbalances from a distance before they affect the body. 


Omarian Atman is a graduate of Dr. Mandel’s Institute of Esogetics. A Certified O.G.T. Practitioner, the founder of Acu Light Wellness, Legacy Astrology, and the Legacy Effect systems with over 22 years of field experience in all three realms and their practical applications to global communities. While being fully dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness, health, and interpersonal communication and understanding of one another.

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